Parking in Košice: what are your options?

Parking in the metropolis of eastern Slovakia can be strenuous and sometimes almost impossible. Drivers address this issue especially in the city center. One option is to rent a parking space or garage. Where is parking in Košice free and when is it better to use paid parking services?

Many people in Košice have started using public transport or are moving by bicycle. Nevertheless, the number of cars is constantly increasing. This is due to an improvement in the living standards of the population or a fall in car prices. In this article we will give you an overview of parking options in Košice.

Free parking in Košice

The fact is that you do not park for free in the center of Košice during the working week during the day. The core of the city operates on the principle of residential parking. As far as housing estates are concerned, the situation is different, but the overall increase in cars is causing the car parks to fill up in these parts of the city as well.

Residential parking Košice

Since the beginning of 2019, the city has had residential parking in Košice under its thumb. From the money raised, it plans to improve infrastructure and build bike paths and new parking lots. You can get a resident parking card in person at the City of Košice or by filling in the form on the city's website. There are several types of these cards and they are issued under different conditions. For example, by reference to a resident's residence, ownership or lease.

The city of Košice is divided into ten residential locations and four tariff zones. There is also a subscription parking card available, which allows parking in the tariff areas. Some barrier parking lots in the center do not fall under the city, but still under the private company EEI s.r.o.

Parking for the Košice citizens

The Parking for the Košice citizens website for Košice helps citizens of the city to facilitate residential parking. The portal offers an accessible and clearly explained online system. It deals with both residents and non-residents. Thanks to the website, the resident can get a parking card online and the non-resident can pay a one-time parking fee by payment card or SMS message to the number 2200. In normal cases, the non-resident pays the fee in paid parking lots.

Parking.sk service

Renting a parking space or garage for a long time will free you from everyday uncertainty. The largest parking offer in Slovakia is provided by the Parking.sk service. The portal will focus on long-term and short-term rental of parking spaces and garages, but also on their sale. Within Košice, you will find a number of parking and garage rentals in various parts of the city. All you have to do is enter Košice in their search engine and choose from two options - For Sale or Rent. You can also advertise on the website.

Parking houses in the center of Kosice

The Aupark Košice shopping center, located in the city center, offers 1,100 underground parking spaces. On weekends and public holidays, parking in Aupark is free for the first 6 hours. There is a charge on weekdays and you only have the first 20 minutes free.

Another 180 parking spaces are right next door, in the DoubleTree by Hilton car park. You do not pay here for the first 15 minutes. One hour of parking costs you EUR 1.5 and all-day parking costs EUR 15. Parking house Cassovar on Žriedlova 13 offers free parking for 30 minutes.

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